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Topic Ideas for Presentations and Speaking Engagements*

Bearing Loss in a Pandemic- A special presentation for those who have lost a close friend and/or family member during the pandemic or as a result of COVID19.  Topics include rituals and remembrance. 

Accumulated Loss and Grief- This presentation specifically addresses the grief and loss that accumulates due to short intervals between the loss experiences.  Focus is on identifying and separating each loss event.

Sudden Death versus Anticipated Loss- This talk focuses on the differences and similarities of our grief responses according to the way in which the loss occurred, suddenly or after an expected or anticipated loss.

How long does grief last? - This session will concentrate on a common question encountered in work with the bereaved who are exhausted, weary and hoping that there is some guideline that determines an end to their grief.

Normal Grief Reactions - In this talk, a range of grief reactions are discussed along with a guideline to determine prolonged, delayed and complicated grief.  As well, concepts such as instrumental and intuitive [or expressive] grievers will be introduced.

Other suggested topics include:

Family Dysfunction: Complications in the Grief Process

Grief as a Process of Transformation

Culture, Rituals, and Ceremonies

Bearing Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan

Supporting Others in Grief

Resilience after Loss

Self-Care for the Helping Professionals

Unacknowledged Grief and Its’ Damage

​* these are just sample topics.  New topics can be developed depending on your need.  Request your free consultation with Dr. L for more details.

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