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December 2021 Presentation

Carolyn Z. from Widow2Widow in Flushing attests:

"After the meeting I received a lot of wonderful comments and compliments for you on your talk which helped the ladies very very much -even though they didn’t ask many questions they absorbed so much of what you said.  You are a wonderful speaker and may God bless you with good health in the coming year."

Fall 2018 Workshop

"We were fortunate to have Dr. Hilliker as the foundation speaker for our Grief and Loss Workshop series.  Her presentations provided helpful support to our members as they travel through their grief journeys.  Dr. Hilliker's contributions were so valuable we are looking forward to having her return."

-Marcia Austreng, Volunteer Coordinator, East Lansing Prime Time

"Dr. Hilliker was an excellent resource and so knowledgeable about grief and the unique experiences we share."
- Participant comment


"Dr. L ‘gets grief’ in a way many academicians do not.  She possesses a unique ability to dialogue with students, colleagues, and grievers and she understands that grief is about more than the death."

  -Harold Ivan Smith, DMin, FT, author of over 50 books on grief and loss, speaker and grief crisis consultant.

Excerpt from ADEC letter of recommendation for Certification in Thanatology 


Guest Speaker - Dr. Laurel Hilliker's Evaluations


Completed by undergraduate students in a Health Sciences college course– March 21, 2018


Compiled by Instructor,

Ms. M. Brennan, MPH 

What part of the class/discussion did you find the most interesting?

"The personal stories.  The knowledge behind the speaker was so great that I wished I was in any of her classes.  Death is an interesting topic that more should know about."

"Learning about her experience.  Having the group activity discussing the three questions.  Learning about different ways to handle grief and death as a future health educator."


Dr. L is available for:
Keynotes, School Assemblies, Presentations, Retreats, Workplace Trainings, In-Service Workshops, Interactive Programs, and Radio/TV/Podcast Interviews, are available for various groups and individuals.  Dr. L’s primary focus is to educate on the topics of grief and loss, in particular about the challenges of these experiences in our complex society.
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