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To provide insight, support, resources and current research on the topics of grief and loss through educational presentations encompassing a sociological approach.

Confidence in understanding the holistic
experiences of grief and loss and in providing an avenue for transformation and resilience.


To equip people with a range of strategies to cope with their own grief and loss experiences and to provide help to others.


Keynotes, School Assemblies, Presentations, Retreats, Workplace Trainings, In-Service Workshops, Interactive Programs, and Radio/TV/Podcast Interviews are available for groups and individuals.  Dr. L’s primary focus is to educate on the topics of grief and loss, in particular, the challenges of these experiences in our complex society.

Topic Ideas for Speaking Engagements:

Sudden Death versus Anticipated Loss

How long does grief last?

Normal Grief Reactions

Grief as a Process of Transformation

Culture, Rituals, and Ceremonies

Bearing Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan

Supporting Others in Grief

Resilience after Loss

Self-Care for the Helping Professionals

Unacknowledged Grief and Its’ Damage


For more information on scheduling and speaking fees, call 517.862.9221 or email 

Comforting Hands
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