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Tamara teams up with Mercedes, and Roma meets her new Latin American friend. Michael meets Earl Carter Jr., the son of Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband Earl Carter. Brianna is a high school senior who has a troubled past. She’s lived in foster care most of her life after her mother drank herself to death after she found out Brianna’s father had been having sex with Brianna’s grandmother. She’s had a bad relationship with her aunt Annie and her grandmother, and has been bounced around foster care from place to place. Brianna gets over her fear of her aunt and grandmother and agrees to stay with the Carters. Joaquin wants to live with the Carters, and Brianna tells him to go find a foster home. Will has asked Carmen to help with his plan to make friends at school. Carmen agrees, and the two of them go visit Joaquin and Brianna in the Carters’ apartment. Joaquin has found a top dog in an adorable pit bull named Snickers, and Brianna quickly shows a lot of interest in getting to know the little dog. Will is impressed by how friendly Snickers is, and he immediately asks Carmen to get him from Carmen. Will makes a new friend at school who wants to help Carmen with his schemes and plans for making new friends. We meet Detective Deming, a young detective who just moved to ATL from the suburbs. While he’s getting used to the food, the people, and the weather, he’s trying to learn the city. He runs into Sasha, and she gives him an earful about his kissing technique, but it seems like a tease. He wants her to be his friend. Michael goes to see Earl Jr. because he heard he got in trouble at school. He gets into a discussion with his father about who is responsible for his childhood friend’s death. Mercedes wants to set Brianna up on a blind date with Joaquin, but Brianna is very hesitant. We go back to the Living Museum for the annual Tatiana show. Tatiana, meanwhile, is secretly living in a movie set at the Living Museum. We meet Tatiana’s father, and he seems to be overly worried about his daughter, afraid she might get hurt in a movie set. We meet a teenager named Fregelius who is the body double for Tatiana’s




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Download Meet The Browns Season 1

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